So, this weekend Greg and I went for a tiny road trip to visit our friends, Luc & Danielle Nadeau, to check out their new shop. They have done a fantastic job getting it ready for their grand opening last weekend.

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For those of you who don’t know them, they are a a husband and wife team that are the owners and operators of Nadeau Farms. Luc has always had an interest in farming ever since he was young. He gained his knowledge of farming and cattle on his uncle’s family farm in Quebec. He was one of our butchers here at Schinkels’ for many years, and while we were sad to see him leave a few years back, we were excited that he was following his dreams full time, building his own business with his wife. Danielle works behind the scenes taking care of the marketing aspect of the business. Along with being the owners and operators of the farm, they also have two young children (who are insanely cute and busy!)

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At Nadeau Farms, the cattle are raised with no growth hormones, are antibiotic free and are fed locally grown Essex County corn and Essex County hay. Luc tells me that come spring, their cows will be roaming the pastures behind his shop.

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What makes Nadeau Farms different is that since Luc is an award-winning butcher by trade as well as the beef-raising farmer, they are a one-stop shop. They sell their own beef by the quarter, sides, or whole.  As a butcher by trade, Luc is more than willing to help you choose the cuts most appropriate for your family and it will be packaged according to your family’s size. As an extra service, half and whole beef orders are delivered right to your door!

Their shop just outside of Ruscom Station opened up last week officially, and they did a great job making it look welcoming and professional.

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I know it may seem strange to refer our followers to a different butcher, but, if you are looking for sides or quarters of beef that are growth hormone and antibiotic free, this is the place to go. Especially since, knowing Luc like we do, we know he will take care of you just as well as we would at Schinkels’.

Their Facebook page : Nadeau Farms

Their Phone # : 226.347-0778

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