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Schinkels’ Freezer Department

We have what you want for dinner. And dessert. And appetizers. And sides.

Quality Food at Your Fingertips!

It’s not a freezer. It’s not even a freezer section. The freezer wall at Schinkel’s is it’s own department. The variety and selection of products available in our freezers are mind-blowing.

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Veggies & Fruit & Fries

Only the best served here. We choose only high-quality products and re-pack them into family sized portions to keep the costs reasonable. This gives you  the flexibility to buy a small, medium or large sized package of frozen foods to use for your particular family. We never believe that one size fits all families, and strive to offer variety, not only in product, but in package sizes.



It’s amazing how many different varieties of seafood we can fit in just a small section of our freezer. We have battered fish, fillets, shrimp and lobster tails. It’s so easy to add fish to your regular menu.

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Local & Exotic. We’ve got that, too.

For the adventurous of heart, we have a great selection of exotic and wild game. We’ve also got local lamb and turkey, as well as naturally raised options. Along with many of the products  (kabobs, slavenkin and more) we produce for the fresh counter, all boxed up and priced in bulk to help you save on your favourites.


And lots and lots of sides.

Jersey Shore rules at Schinkels’ when it comes to the perfect, crispy side to just about any dinner. Onion rings and french fries for everyone. We also have mozzarella sticks, battered mushrooms, dill pickle spears and so very much more. Never get bored with dinner again, the side options are almost endless.

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Don’t forget dessert.

From Gluten Free options to decadent cakes and creamy ice cream, we only serve up the best. Elite Sweets (a Canadian company) is served from here. We’ve got Shaw’s and Ben & Jerry’s, and Dutch House Farms. Or, if you like to bake your own, we’ve got the pie and tart shells ready for whatever you’ve got ready.


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