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Greg’s Day Off

Generally, most people live for their days off. I mean, what's not to like? Freedom,

German Rouladen

Jacqueline surprised us the other day with a dinner invite. She and Greg hadn't even

March Break is over

So, CoVid happened. I know, that sounds pretty obvious. But, from my perspective, I just

Fresh Start

Starting with fresh ingredients cuts down on prep time and leaves more time for whatever.

Little things

Do you see this? No, not the new burn mark on my beautiful countertop. The

Lots of Boy

My nephews have been visiting for a couple days at a time. And we are


There are many perks that come with working at Schinkels. Some are obvious, like the


There's something about the word "Ribs", isn't there? I don't know about you, but when

Chicken Enchiladas

Ready for another chicken recipe? Going back through some of my posts, I do see

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