A few months ago, a young man who works for us named Taylor made his parents very happy. 

Now, to be fair, he had probably been making his parents very happy for lots of reasons over the years. He’s a good boy, works hard, very polite, and all that. But, in this case, he bought something that has been bringing joy and satisfaction to his parents on a fairly regular basis.

He bought a Traeger.

This young man’s name is Taylor, and he’s been one of our back end service staff for quite some time. He started out as dish boy, and has taken on more and more responsibilities in the back as the years have gone by.

Discovered he likes to Smoke and Grill.

He listened to Greg as he talked about our Traeger, and listened to Greg selling Traegers to many customers. Taylor has even sold a couple of our Traegers to customers himself. So he slowly absorbed all the information he needed to make an informed decision to buy his own Ironwood 885. 

Let the smoking begin.

Then the pictures started coming to my phone. Oh, man. While Greg and I do love to try new recipes from time to time, most of the meals we make are kinda your everyday kind of meals. Chicken, Sausages, Burgers, that sort of thing needed to feed four hungry men folk and two hearty eating ladies.

But, the enthusiasm of youth, and perhaps a bit more expendable income has Taylor scrolling through Traeger.ca’s recipe files and has him bringing home some incredible cuts of meat to serve up to his happy family on a regular basis.

Picture after Picture

He started pretty basic, I thought, sent me this picture with the simple heading,

Homemade pizza.

Resized 20210520 181032


Zoom in on this picture and you will see lots of mouthwatering details. First of, the sweetie made a gluten free crust for someone. Then, there are so many toppings all slowly absorbing the nuances of the smoke as they grilled, that I can only imagine how tasty these pizzas were.

Then, this picture came through one morning with the text, “honey glazed pineapple”

Resized 20210524 181006

What the..? Who knew such a thing was a thing? Greg and I had to try that the same weekend, turns out, not only is it a thing, it’s a VERY GOOD thing.

The pineapple picture was accompanied by a picture of very strange looking chickens sitting on thrones. Resized 20210524 171524

Taylor assured me that this was also a worthwhile dinner to try, and that the flavour was amazing. We haven’t tried that just yet, but will.

Then it was the Pulled Pork and Jalapeno Poppers.

Resized 20210530 191155

Then it was the Tomahawks

Resized 20210620 184012

Then it was the Homemade Mac & Cheese with Beef Jerky Dust on top with Fried  Chicken as the side. Or many the Mac & Cheese was the side, who knows?

Resized 20210701 181216

You get the idea. Just about every weekend, and often during the week, Taylor sends me more pictures to drool over.

He gets all his recipes from Traeger.ca They have an app that makes recipe finding really easy, and the recipes adjust for you based on how many people you are feeding.

This got me thinking we need to start a picture share page here at Schinkels.com. I’m not inclined to start re-inventing the wheel by displaying recipes and instructions. I’m pretty sure Traeger and a million other websites have that covered.

But, for inspiration, sometimes I just want to see what some of my customers are grilling, to give me an idea or two. So, I’ve started a section on the website, the Customer Picture Blog 

Whenever customers send me a picture of whatever their family is cooking up, I’ll add it to the Picture Blog. Whether you email them to the store at [email protected], or use the Message feature on Facebook, I will receive them and share them. Probably be a good idea if you include a bit of description of the dish or the method you used to make it spectacular.

Hopefully, this might give more inspiration to more of you. I know I always look forward to more inspiration.
I’m off on Thursday next week and need to impress my family.


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