What’s for Dinner?

I know it’s hard to decide what’s for dinner, especially at 5:00, with nothing pulled from a freezer, and activities to get to in the evening.
I’ve compiled a number of my family’s favourites here, most are healthy(ish) and many can be thrown together in 20 minutes or so. Some take a bit more, but are good to make ahead and have ready in your freezer for any busy day.
Feel free to use our Facebook Messenger to send me your favourite family Schinkels’ winners, I’d love to hear how you cook for your family on busy nights and will share here any recipes and pictures you send.

Easiest Answer:

Let Schinkels’ Cook for you. We have lots of premade dinners and sides that all you need to do is heat up. From Lasagna with Caesar Salad to Pulled Pork and Homemade Brown Beans, just pick up any of our micromeals and you are good to go.

Cabbage Rolls Copy 2 Scaled
Chicken Pesto Scaled

30 minutes or less?

These ideas and recipes are geared to the nights where every one is coming from somewhere or needing to get somewhere and your time is limited to getting a decent meal on the table. I’ve learnt over the years, that it is possible to fire up the grill, and get something on the table in less time than it takes to call for fast food and pick it up. Especially if I use some of Schinkels’ premade salads and sides to compliment the grill. Simple, but delicious, works in my world.


Got some time? or want make ahead meals?

Here are some ideas that might take a bit more time, but they are not difficult at all, delicious, and good for a family dinner to rave about. Some of my favourite casseroles, too, which heat up great as left overs or to be frozen and served up on busy nights.

Ravioli Scaled