A long time ago (feels like 100 years, but maybe it was only 15), there was a day when I was completely overwhelmed, possibly a little sick and barely keeping it together. I mentioned it in passing in an online forum (remember those, anyone?) that I was having a tough day, but then put it from my mind and got back to Mom’ing. 

A couple hours later, I opened the door to find a member of that parenting forum standing at my door with a casserole, a salad and (Bless her!) a bottle of Diet Coke.

What a huge blessing it was that day to know that dinner was all set and all I had to do was sit it in an oven on a day when all my many children and other responsibilities were a little too much to handle.

Best Casserole Ever.

What a surprise on top of the blessing to find that the casserole itself was actually amazing. Every one of my picky eaters loved it! Even the one who usually wants all his foods not touching each other. Yes I have one of those.

After all the rave reviews and the empty plates, I knew I needed the recipe. So I asked, received, and have made this casserole so many times over the years. And no one ever complains. or groans. Love that!

Extra bonus – this recipe is actually pretty easy. I’ve linked the recipe here, so if you were just reading for the recipe, feel free to leave now.

Chicken Thighs

So, I’m not sure anymore if the original recipe used Chicken Breast or Thighs, but over the years, I have started using Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs in most of my recipes that need chicken. I find its just juicier and easier to cook without drying out. And, since the butchers at Schinkels’ keep them in the counter most of the time, that’s my go to. All you need to do is dice it up. No bones, no skin, no fuss. Easy.

Chick Pot11

The recipe calls for cooked rice and chicken, so if you don’t have those in your leftovers already, go ahead and get those cooked first. Then fry the bacon, onions, spinach and celery all together. The timing is good, the veggies get just a bit tender, right at the point the bacon is sizzly, and the bacon grease adds flavour to the mixture.

Chicken Bacon And Celery Copy

Then, all you do is mix almost everything else together in a big bowl. Rice, Chicken, Bacon/Veggie Mixture, Mushroom Soup, Sour Cream, Salt. Just mix it all up and then dump it into a casserole dish.

All that’s is left is to melt some butter into some bread crumbs, and sprinkle that over top.

At this point, it’s a great make ahead dish for a future date – it will keep well for at least a couple days in the fridge, or you can freeze it.

Or you can just bake it until it’s hot all the way through. (maybe about 45 minutes)

Ready To Casserole

It’s also a great dish to make for someone else if you know of anyone else just barely hanging on.

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