Time for a mini-blog on Veal Steakettes. Seriously don’t have much time this morning. Ended up sleeping in, now have to grab a coffee (won’t forget my coffee), and in about 10 minutes we are taking teens to Value Village, Windsor Bike, and then end up at Devonshire for a Dedicated Family Split Up, Divide and Conquer to be able to get everything done and home in time for my Mom and Dad to visit for the afternoon.

1. Veal Steakettes

But, I really wanted to highlight what Greg has on sale this week. Mainly because I had been personally avoiding Veal Steakettes for no particular reason, other than the fact that I had never had them before. I’m learning that’s a dumb reason to not try something new at Schinkels’. I’m trying to be more intentional in trying new products, or ones I haven’t had yet.

Yesterday, as I was leaving for lunch, I grabbed two out of the counter. Our teens have become more efficient at cleaning out our leftovers in their school lunches now that they have microwaves in the high school. But that leaves Greg and I with slim pickings if we want to avoid peanut butter and jam. Which has its place, of course, but, like I said, I wanted to try something new.

2. Fry in Butter

As I’m sure you are aware, I often start with butter.

I’m not offended by olive oil, or margarine. Ok, maybe a little offended by margarine. But you just want to have something in the pan that will crisp up the breading that my son Sterling so lovingly applied on Thursday after school. Ok, so he wasn’t so loving. Actually kinda mad we called him into work. but he’s really good at it. On medium heat, cook each side a few minutes until browned and crisp.

3. Add Stuff

Then I pulled them out for a minute while I quickly sautéd some onions and mushrooms and then back into the pan again. I was ready to serve these up right then, but Greg had an idea.


We grabbed some of my salsa and some pasta sauce and decided to gourmet it a little. I put the pasta sauce on Greg’s and the salsa on mine, then layered the mushroom and onions on top and shredded some Asiago cheese over all of it.

4. Add Sauce, Cheese and Broil

Placed it under the broiler for a few minutes to heat everything up and get the cheese sizzly.

5. Serve it up.

And, Voilá! A lunch time gourmet treat, all made in under 15 minutes. I had time to still play my Candy Crush and get a load of laundry flipped, and pull stuff out of the freezer for dinner. Greg still had time to watch his hockey highlights and, um, eat.

So, the next time you think you’ve tried everything Schinkels’ has to offer, come talk to us. We might be able to point out a little gem like Veal Steakettes and change your lunch time expectations.

Recipe can be found here.