A few years ago, I wrote a post about our family’s favourite recipe, Chicken Enchiladas. I decided I was going to make them again today, and I discovered my Super Power in the process.

Chicken Roasts

Quite frankly, these are the absolute best things in our fresh counter. Well, besides Bacon, and Steaks. But, other than those, it’s Chicken Roasts.

Yes, Chicken Roast.

Don’t let the non-descript label and simple packaging fool you.

Chicken Roast

Endless Potential

Think about every recipe you have that calls for chicken. From pasta to casseroles, to soup to whatever, chicken can be a pain to add. You have to de-bone the chicken (ick! ) or buy boneless and cut up. And even if you buy boneless, you still need to decide on breast (dry at times) or thigh (boneless can be expensive). 

Chicken Roast has it all.

Thigh meat, Breast meat – all boneless and ready to roast. For tonight’s enchiladas, all I did was roast the bird for 90 minutes, check with an instant read thermometer to make sure it was cooked through,

IMG 6520

and then chop it up.

IMG 6523

Easy Peasy

Then I simply added all the other ingredients,

IMG 6530

mixed it up with a wooden spoon and rolled up the wraps. All done.



So, that’s why I’m calling the Chicken Roast my new Super Power. With it, I can build any chicken pizza, cook any chicken casserole, simmer any chicken soup, or sauté any stir fry without ever having to debone a chicken part again. Or, have a delicious chicken roast ready to carve up beside potatoes & beans.

Dinner Tonight: Chicken Enchiladas

IMG 6537

Now I just need a Super Power that makes clean up easier. Oh, wait. I do.

IMG 6542



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