• Smoke flavoured Cheddar Cheese Ichester, England    
  • Armstrong Cheese - We love Armstrong Cheese - full of flavour and creamy goodnesses, and it slices so well.    
  • A creamier, melty-er substitute for Cheddar. Available sliced or by the piece in the deli.
  • A premium cheese that is available in 5 varieties.  BellaVitano is a unique Cheddar-Parmesan hybrid created by cheesemaker Mike Matucheski at his Sartori Company of Antigo, Wisconsin. Merlot Tennessee Whisky Espresso Balsamic Raspberry
  • Bothwell Cheese;

    There’s more to cheese than curds and whey.

    We believe the highest quality and best tasting product comes from cheese made with 100% pure Canadian milk. This means there are no artificial ingredients, preservatives or modified milk ingredients used in the production of our cheeses.

    We make award-winning cheese.

    Bothwell Cheese has been producing quality cheese since 1936. Even today you can taste the difference, because our cheese is still made with fresh, locally produced milk.
  • A Family Tradition Since 1902

    The Cahill family have been farming the lush green pasturelands of Newcastle West in Co. Limerick since 1902. We are one of the oldest artisanal cheese making families in Ireland using time-honoured methods and recipes passed down through the years to create our outstanding speciality cheddar cheese, matured to perfection. Today we employ a small, skilled team of 20 people overseen by the fourth generation of the Cahill family marrying our traditional skills and old recipes with modern technology.
    We only use 100% natural, locally sourced ingredients with our cheddar being made using pasteurized milk from grass-fed cows.
    Our cheese has won recognition from around the globe having won a Gold Star from the Guild of Fine Foods and Silver at both the Great Taste Awards and the Mondial du Fromage.
    (I stole that from their website, obviously)  
  • We make our cheese balls in store, using three different recipes. Cheddar Bacon Jalapeno Cheddar Bacon Asiago Vegetable
  • Only here for the Holidays...

    Every year, our Cheese Suppliers offer us a variety of cheeses that we have to order back in March. They are unique, usually holiday themed and delicious. And only here until they are gone. Some never to be seen again. But don't fear, there will be new ones next year.
  • Coombe Castle presents Cheddar Red Leicester and Sage Derby Cheese
  • Inspired by the lush greenery of beautiful Snowdonia in North Wales, Snowdonia uses fresh ingredients to craft natural, premium Cheddar and Red Leicester cheeses that married an extraordinary depth of flavour with a remarkable creaminess. (I stole that from their website - but it really is an amazing family of cheeses)    
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