Generally, most people live for their days off. I mean, what’s not to like? Freedom, fewer responsibilities, ability to get some things done, the list goes on. 

Me, not so much.

When I think of a day off, however, I’m not so excited. I remember all the laundry piling up, the groceries that need to be bought, the dust collecting just about everywhere, and a million little chores that should be done before anything I would deem “relaxing” or “enjoyable”

To be honest, I much prefer Greg’s days off.

On Greg’s days off, I’m still at the store, doing all the things I love to do. Make the Twice Baked Potatoes and other sides that have really started to be in demand. Cut an wrap about a thousand regular sized pieces of cheese and a million little “try me size” cheeses. Help out at cash. Serve customers in Deli. Make some rolls or kabobs in Fresh. Doesn’t really matter to me, every day is an adventure at Schinkels’. 

On Greg’s days off, it’s like magical, wonderful things happen at my house.

The laundry gets rotated. Sometimes even folded. Often, it’s not even still in the laundry room or in the living room, but magically all in closets and drawers. But it’s all clean, and anyone who needs clothes just needs to dig it out. IMG 5081


The groceries get bought. I come home, and there is a fridge stocked with milk (my baby cows, I mean boys, drink 16 – 20 litres of the stuff every week, sometimes it’s hard to keep that stocked) and fresh veggies and some fruit and the cupboards are full of pasta, sauce and cereal. Yes, it might be the brands I wouldn’t ever buy (Lucky Sugar Bombs, anyone?) and cost more than when I was running the budget, but all of it magically arranged itself in my home without me lifting a finger. IMG 5082

Truthfully, there is still lots of dust everywhere, and real dirt, too, in places. And, thankfully CoVid has meant that no guest ever needs to come close to our washrooms (Double ick!).

But I’m ok with all of that.

Because of the Food

I came home to a deliciously chaotic kitchen this afternoon. There was food everywhere, in various states of preparation. As Greg was making, not one, not two, but three delicious meals all at the same time.

IMG 5074

He had made Pulled Pork on his last day off (Delicious!), so he took the leftovers of that and made even more deliciousness.

1. Pulled Pork Lasagna

Simply by substituting pulled pork for ground beef, and then liberally adding BBQ sauce and love, he created  Dinner for Friday:

IMG 5080

2. Bahmi Goreng

If you haven’t tried Bahmi or Nasi Goreng yet, I’m just feeling sad for you. Really, they are not only the best way to get rid of leftovers, they are also two of my family’s favourite dishes. They are an Indonesian seasoning mixture – Nasi is rice based, and Bahmi is noodle based. Simply fry up whatever veggies you have on hand, toss in chopped up whatever cooked meats you have left over (literally anything, from shrimp to chicken), add some water, the seasoning pack and then cooked noodles or rice and toss. Dinner for Wednesday will be Bahmi Goreng with pulled pork and roast beef, onions, celery, carrots and cabbage. Simple and Delicious.

IMG 5079

3. Pizza

This is what we ended up eating tonight, and I was amazed at the creative genius that is my man. 

He called the first one : Picky Kids Special. Pretty boring, really. Pepperoni and Bacon. Tomato sauce. Cheese. Yawn. IMG 5076

Now the second one, that was the genius pizza

Charcuterie Pizza

Greg took all our charcuterie board favourites and put them on pizza. He started with our pizza dough balls from the store, and used Bubi’s garlic sauce and tomato sauce as the base. Then, he built a glorious pizza using mozzarella, Smoked Blue Haze, Prosciutto shreds, slices of Genoa Salami, roasted tomatoes and slices of Garlic stuffed olives. And then baked them both on the Traeger.

Oh. My. Word. 

IMG 5078

So, I’m sure you can understand my position of preferring Greg’s day off to having one from time to time for myself. I’ll be responsible for Dinner for Thursday, and I’m feeling a little intimidated.

more pictures of dinner:

IMG 5084IMG 5086

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