Jacqueline surprised us the other day with a dinner invite. She and Greg hadn’t even been betting. Family is great for that. Dinner together for no reason whatsoever works for me anytime. Especially when Jacqueline is cooking German Rouladen. She had overheard me mentioning at some point that I hadn’t had that yet. She decided to remedy that and I didn’t argue much.  

By the time Greg and I had finished up at the store and headed over to her place that Saturday night, she had already had everything simmering in the oven, so I’m glad I told her to take pictures. 

Rouladen in Three Easy Steps

1. Have one of our Butchers get you Fatina

 She started by having Bob cut some fatina, which is extra thin slices of inside round roast. I often forget how essentially spoiled I have been all these years, having butchers at my beck and call. Jay or Bob will seriously cut our customers anything, as thick or thin as needed, whatever size is desired. I love our butchers. 

IMG 2499 300x300 1

Once she got those home, she laid them out and rolled pickles, onions, peppers and bacon into each one.

IMG 1113 E1549225466690 300x300 1

Then she dusted the rolls with sea salt, pepper and flour. 

IMG 2502 300x300 1

Finally, she browned all sides in her cast iron with butter.

IMG 2503 300x300 1

3. Creamy Sauce & Bake

Then she created this fabulous creamy sauce and poured it over top all the little rouladens.

IMG 2506 300x300 1

So, when we arrived, they were already simmering happily in the oven.
Yes, I know they probably weren’t exactly happy, but I certainly was, smelling it all and anticipating dinner. 

(4. Don’t forget Appetizers)

Ever the consummate hostess, Jacqueline had prepared some appetizers for us. She had baked up some of the spring rolls we carry at Schinkels’ in the freezer. Once again, I hadn’t tried them before (you may have heard of my picky children in prior blogs or in discussions with me – we don’t try a lot of “new” things and this is a source of minor frustration to me) and was thrilled to get the chance. 

IMG 2508 300x300 1

I wasn’t disappointed in the light and crispy rolls, filled with a variety of veggies with just a hint of spice. Served up with a simple plum sauce, we finished them off in no time at all. 

IMG 2509 300x300 1

By then, the rouladen were finished, and ready to serve up with a mixed green and strawberry salad, some mashed potatoes with caramelized onion and colourful fried beets.

IMG 2517 300x300 1

This was one of those moments where you take a bite, then just pause and savour the moment. The beef was tender, the flavours just blended perfectly. As I chewed slowly, I pretty much hummed as I enjoyed the medley of distinctive tastes in my mouth. And, even though I was certainly satisfied with all the sides, I was a little sad when I had my last bite. 

IMG 2518 300x300 1

Over all, I’m totally glad Jacqueline took it upon herself to treat us to this traditional meal without having to lose a bet to Greg first.

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