Sundays are my favourite day around here at the Schinkel house.
And Sunday lunches that feature left-over roast beef are definitely part of what make Sundays my favourite.


I’ve mentioned it before that Sunday is Greg’s day to cook.
He pulls out recipes he’s gleaned from America’s Test Kitchen, and puts on quite the show himself.
Some of our now favourite recipes had their start on one of Greg’s Sundays.

Today, we were a little pinched for time,
as Greg wanted to take some of our kids to the 73’s game in Belle River

Go 73’s!

(that’s for my family’s benefit – I couldn’t really care less,
except my home is pretty quiet with only 4 kids home with me this afternoon)

Anyway, we decided to pull out the leftovers from the Pot Roast mentioned in the previous blog
and Greg threw in a twist to make the most delicious

Hot Beef Sandwiches

we’ve ever had.

He started with double-garlic buttered toast!


That’s when you butter both sides of bread with some fresh garlic butter,
and toast them in the oven, flipping them halfway through so both sides are toasted golden brown.

While they were baking, Greg quickly heated up some leftover gravy and beef
and set that out, and we were all sitting at the table just waiting for the toast to be ready.

All I had to do was hover around, taking pictures (and 5 loads of laundry, of course, but no cooking!)


Yup. Definitely appreciate my man and his love of watching cooking shows.


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