Burgers, Rings and Fries

30 minutes or less prep time

Burgers have saved our dinners many times over the past two crazy years of working late. Easy to grill or pan fry year round, the only hard part is deciding which burger variety to choose. Current family favourite is Bacon Cheddar, but the Gourmet is a close second.

Next choice is deciding which onion rings and fries we should use on a burger night. From Curly Fries to Waffles, Thick Onion Rings to Jersey Shore Seasoned Rings, there are endless combinations to mix it up.

Shopping List:

Burger Toppings
Raw Veggies (if Mom’s home)


Shopping List:

Schinkels’ Chicken Schnitzel
Pelmen Perogies
Frozen Beans
Garlic Sauce
Sour cream for the perogies
Butter or Oil for frying




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