I absolutely love it when we have guests.
As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t happen often enough.
Besides the obvious bonus of getting some adult conversation in,
I am blessed with the opportunity to make “grown up food”, and even better – “company food”.

My parents came down this week for dinner, and I was thrilled to be able to
serve them up this delicious meal of
Andrea’s Ribs, Roasted Potatoes, steamed broccoli and Grilled Veggies.

IMG_1891 2
Version 2 IMG_1892

Particular Children

If you are a parent of picky, I mean, particular children, then you can commiserate
with me over the frustrations of trying to cook food that will pass
inspection by a bunch of ingrates, I mean, children with overly discerning tastes,
as well as actually be flavourful or well-seasoned, instead of bland or boring.

Blessedly, when we have company, we are faced with the
“not enough room around the table” dilemma.
We solved this years ago quite pleasantly by feeding the younger,
choosy children an early dinner,
filling them up with child-approved foods (so they aren’t begging at our table later)
and positioning them all in front of the television to keep them zombie-fied,
I mean, occupied and out of our hair while we eat at a more civilized time.


Company’s Coming

This opens up a world of possibilities in menu selection.
I am able to dust off some of the recipes I’ve collected for hot appetizers,
like Stuffed Mushrooms and Bacon Wrapped Smokies

stuffed mushroom copy


If I know company food is in the week ahead, I can plan a little bit ahead with a soup/bread course
(see my blog on Creamy Red Pepper Soup for more inspiration if you like) and having company ensures that I will also be able to enjoy some lovely soup with my meal. Heck, I might also be able to enjoy it while it’s still hot, since I won’t be cutting up other kids’ food or getting the milk or finding a doekie to clean up a spill.

For the main course, I am able to marinate with spices otherwise never opened (“that’s too hot, mom”, “yuck, that’s spiky!” and gourmet oils that wouldn’t be appreciated by my under 18 crowd. Imagine, if you would, trying to get this seasoning used on say, the potatoes, or in a marinade.IMG_1668

or this one :


Grilling and roasting seasoned vegetables is suddenly demanded
by the circumstances, company food preparing is so much better tasting than steaming and boiling.


Twice-baked Potatoes, or Potato Crusted Mushroom Tarts are able to make an appearance.

potatocrusted 2

Light-Twice-Baked-Potatoes-B1-RES 2


We can serve up Maple Syrup Glazed Planked Salmon or fall-off the bone dry rubbed ribs or medium rare steaks that are so melt in your mouth delicious, you would cry. 10304 INSERT PG12

IMG_1891 2

Yes, I love having guests.

Who’s coming for dinner next month?

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