I have a sister who inspired me this week to try my hand at pickling cucumbers.
I realize now she was just getting even with me for tempting her to go off her Keto diet when we were out for dinner together.

This was the lovely picture she posted this week (after the aforementioned tempting dinner)


Looks great, right? Pretty colours, nice centred composition, reflective surfaces?
All from a single woman who works full-time and is raising four fabulous kids.
Well, I was certain I wasn’t going to let her get away with the social media
“I am Awesome”
badge of honour without making a showing myself.
I mean, that’s pretty much what a post like that insinuates, isn’t it?
“Look at me, all perfect and able to do anything I set my mind to.
The rest of you are all losers”

This morning I ran out to my blessedly bountiful garden and
quickly gathered about 1/2 a bushel of peppers, and started to get to work.

Progression of morning:

Start to cut up peppers.
Realize that I don’t have enough lids to seal, so send out helpful cheerful boy to store to buy some.
Continue to cut up peppers and added some onions.

Boy returns, but without seals. First store didn’t have them.
Send out helpful, less cheerful boy to another store to buy some.
Get brine all set and ready to bring to a boil once boy returns.
Make coffee.
Wash all the jars and get water ready to boil soon-to-arrive seals.

supplies all over counter

Switch laundry and bring to living room while waiting for boy to return.
Don’t actually fold it, just set it on the table so I won’t forget to do it later.
Much later.
Boy returns, but with wrong size seals.
Send out not-so helpful after all, very much grumpier boy back to store
(along with $ to buy him a treat to compensate him for his huge inconvenience).

Stare at my disaster kitchen and realize sister is Evil.

dishes not related to pickling peppers

Boy returns with lids and I start the actual processing.
Pickle the peppers. Set up photo shoot to capture the moment.

Stuff I moved out of the way to get the “perfect” shot of my peppers

Realize that the morning is gone and I need to change to get ready for work and my kitchen is even more of a disaster and then it hits me that my sister planned it all as payback for the Carb-binge I instigated. 

She knew I would take the bait, and add even more chaos to my life and get buried under all the produce.

Evil. Just Evil.

Seriously? What was I thinking?

I completely forgot about the fact that I need to work from 12- 6 and
that my teen’s youth group is arriving very shortly after that for a Nerf War and campfire.

And their parents will all see this:

 Still, I did manage to get the perfect picture to post on Facebook. Wouldn’t want my sister to think she got the best of me.

I will just have to get one of my teens to bake a couple Schinkels’ pizzas at 5:45
so there is food available for the family to eat before the youth group arrives.
So very thankful that Schinkels’ makes a delicious Chicken Bacon BBQ pizza
(and a Deluxe for the kids, but I love the Chicken, ’cause it has bacon)
that even my 11 year old can make for dinner in a crunch on a day like today. 

And, I will make sure that this is in a prominent position as I direct everyone away from our kitchen in all it’s beautiful, canning’ness.