Last Thursday, on SWMCBRDD, I visited my friends at WebGeeks,
and had a little question and answer time with my new friend, Tibi.
I discovered a number of new approaches I could take with our website
to make it friendlier and more interactive.
Some upgrades were needed, and not the least of these improvements is the new, exciting,

Comment Section

at the bottom of my blog and other pages throughout the website.

This will enable you, our customers, to ask me questions, clarify, suggest upgrades,
or otherwise step up our performance here on the Schinkels’ Meat Market webpage.

Also, I was informed, that all the work I had put into creating little recipe card-like jpeg images
actually was wasted and I would have to upgrade them and type them all out again in a different format
so that Google and other search engines could read them and then be able to suggest our page
to customers searching for “Bacon Wrapped Smokies” or “Andrea’s Ribs”.


So, that’s what I’ve been doing the past week.

Slowly re-typing recipes from the old site pages that I really liked,
and being inspired to add some more from my cook books and notes in my recipe cupboard.
I limited myself to only the recipes I have tried myself (or Greg) and know to be either easy, or delicious, or both.

I’m not even close to done, yet.
But my shoulders and lower back are killing me, so I’m taking a bit of a break after filing this blog entry.

What I need from you, my loyal fans and customers, is questions.

I need to know what kind of recipes do you want to see?

Low Carb or Pasta Casseroles?

chickendivan 2

BBQ or roasts?

Main courses (which would be meat-centred, of course) or Sides?


I have a ton of tried and true recipes I already know are delicious, and I would be willing to try some more if you suggest some.

Crock Pot or oven?

Also, if you have a recipe to share, or even your own blog entry with pictures you want me to feature, send it to me at

[email protected]

and I’ll see what we can do.

I’m so excited about this chance to connect with you, our customers.