Many of our loyal and regular customers might have noticed a new face at Schinkels’ this week.
After 15 years, we decided that it was time that I come back to gainful employment.
While I was dating Greg, ever so long ago, and then little while into our marriage,
I worked at the store off and on, as needed, to cover staff shortages or vacations and as my other jobs allowed.

The Employment of a SAHM

But, essentially, after our Garret was born, it just wasn’t worth while for me to work outside of the home, while paying for childcare.
I happily became a stay at home parent, and spent many years
sitting on the couch,
watching soaps,
and eating bon-bons.
(and if you actually believe that is the case with SAHM’s, well, get half a clue, will you?)

Seriously, though, I did very much enjoy the flexibility of schedules and
cooking, reading, playing, day-tripping, play-dating, cleaning, chauffeuring,
educating, nose wiping, and all that other stuff that comes with parenting.
But, alas, all good things must come to an end, and we closed that “stay at home” chapter this fall. 

So, this is me, on the morning of my first day, back at work at Schinkels. Snazzy uniform, huh? 

And, just like that!,  I jumped right back into the exciting world of paid employment and customer service.

Bottom of the Pack

The other staff were great, showing me all the ropes of a shift,
reminding me how to do all the things that I did so long ago, as well as show me all the things Schinkels’ now does differently.
Since I was the newbie, they were excited to give me the ever-exciting, and never-finished job of

“Cleaning Chicken Breasts”.

Wow. let me tell you, it doesn’t get much better than that. 

Oh, wait. Yes it does. I also was allowed to make some schnitzel, serve customers, roll the slavinken, 

serve customers, fill the salads, serve some more customers, top up the stir fry, bring up more breakfast sausage,

 serve customers, make some shish kabobs, 







and then make cheddar broccoli chicken.

All before first break at 10:00. Phew.  







Breaks are a strange thing for a long time Stay-at-home Mom to process.

Seriously? I’m allowed to just stop in the middle of a task, walk away and sit down for 15 minutes and chat with the other staff while enjoying a coffee and a snack. Just because the boss says so.

Crazy. That’s about all I’m going to say about that. 


And then, there’s that gorgeous guy in the back. I’m not biased, really. 


I have to say, after working a week now, two things stand out in my mind that I have to share.

Schinkels’ Meat Market has the best staff anywhere.

Without exception, everyone of the staff are dedicated to serving the needs and desires of our customers. And they do it cheerfully, with enthusiasm, and a smile.
And, second, 

Schinkels’ Meat Market has the best customers anywhere.

Really, I had so many positive comments and encouraging smiles from you, even when I messed up a request, or had to ask for clarification from the other staff. 

And, one customer, especially, made my day, maybe even my year, with the sweet, sweet question,

“Does Greg have another daughter?” 


Family Fun

Greg, Andrea, Sterling, Gabriella and Garret Schinkel