Ever notice how many apps are out there? It blows my mind sometimes. I have a cousin who is constantly downloading new apps and then telling me about them all in detail and how they will make my life easier or entertain me more fully and also, grant me true and lasting peace and joy. The Roundup App may interest him. 

Now, I may not be considered a millennial, but I’m pretty tech-savvy and have taught myself a fair bit in an attempt to keep up with trends and my kids. I have some favourite apps on my phone. I will even admit that some of them actually do help me out in organizing and planning (once I went through the tedious process of downloading and input scads and scads of data to make them relevant to my life). My menu planning app and my reading app keep me quite content, and I won’t go without my calendar/email capabilities on my phone ever again. And don’t even get me started on how invaluable Pinterest has been to my crafting obsessions. So, I thought I had pretty much gotten what I wanted out of the App Store.

The Roundup App

Then Greg came home with this flyer and card from one of his suppliers that advertised an app from Canadian Beef, the people behind www.canadabeef.ca, a website I have already used extensively in my cooking tips and recipe searches. They have come up with The Roundup App, and so I thought I’d check it out.

The Roundup is a great go-to app for the home chef and grocery shopper!  You have a question about Canadian Beef? This app will answer that question. Everything from recipes, to cooking times, to an introduction to the Canadian Beef community. To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a Canadian Beef community, but now I do. I also realize how important it is and continues to be in keeping the quality in standards across this country.

Beef Cuts

Roundup’s opening Menu goes over Beef Cuts, Cooking Methods, Recipes, Beef Buying Tips, Nutrition and Health, Safe Food Handling, Their Story, The Centre of Excellence, and a Favourites category, which you can personalize with anything you glean from the recipes or tips and file with a tap.

The Roundup App takes you through all the beef cuts with handy graphics and an interactive menu. My daughter, Gabriella, told me that while she was out at a youth convention, they were being served “Brisket”. Since she is her father’s daughter, she was able to educate the other youth at her table about what exactly “brisket” was. Well, not everyone happens to have a Gabriella nearby. It would be handy to have Roundup on your phone for the next time you are served “Shank” or “Flank”. You will be able to differentiate between cuts like “Plate” or “Chuck”. Seriously, discussions like that could happen.

The next menu item is “Cooking Methods”. They know their stuff. Oven Roasting, Rotisserie, Grilling, Marinating, Simmering, Stewing, Quick, Fast and Stir Frying, and the magic of Ground Beef, all covered extensively. 


My favourite tab in Roundup was the Recipes. They section that category in just about every way imaginable. There are cooking methods, seasonal, budgeting, slow cooker, quick cooking, and so on. And they have their own Market Fresh Recipe Collection that comes from simple ingredients you already have on hand. They also help with extra tips for speedy prep and tastier outcomes. 

All the other categories are equally interesting and useful. At the risk of sounding like my beloved cousin, try it out for yourself. See if it will bring you lasting joy and happiness as you explore Canadian Beef.