Some of you regular Schinkels’ customers may be familiar with our specialty counter. We have a selection of fresh products that are already for you to simply cook, no prep needed. One of the more popular items is our Slavinken (pronounced Slaaa-vin-ken). Years ago, we began making this traditional Dutch treat just when ordered by some our favourite European customers who requested it from time to time. But then, word spread, and soon we were stocking it in the counter. And then we were making boxes to sell frozen, and now, we can hardly keep it in stock.

Easy Cook Option

The concept is simple – Seasoned ground pork, formed into a tube, wrapped in bacon ( mmmm…, bacon..) and the ends are dipped in a crumb mixture to finish it off. It’s a quick and easy dinner option, you just fry it, grill it, bake it, whatever, and serve it up with just about any side dish. This time of year, we grill it with some veggies and serve it up with a Schinkel’s salad and we are good to go, even on the hottest day.

A little Control, please

The cult following we have noticed lately has me a little worried, though. Customers requesting two or three boxes at a time. Regulars crying when we run out briefly on a Saturday. And then there was the almost-brawl last week over the last 6 in the counter. Good thing Greg was able to quickly slice some more bacon to satisfy the demand. This has me thinking that maybe Canadians aren’t ready just yet for Slavinken.

Unfortunately, Greg doesn’t believe me when I told him that we needed to scale back a bit on the promotion of our Slavinken. He’s decided to put them on sale next week. Yikes. I asked if we could put a sales limit on them. No luck. What about not quite a discount on the sale price? Nope. He won’t go there, either.

So, all i can do is plead with you, our loyal and peace-loving customers, to please, please, pretty please, approach Slavinken with moderation. For the good of us all.