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All the poultry you will find at Schinkels has been locally, sustainably, ethically and naturally raised to provide you with tasty, healthy high quality meat. Corn fed and never injected with hormones, our meat is high in protein, low in fat and rich in flavour, which makes them enjoyable at any time of the day.



Schinkels’ carries a selection of Homstead Family Traditions Vegetables. When it comes to good nutrition, all forms of fruits and vegetables matter—fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice. When fresh vegetables are out of season, come on in and purchase your bag of frozen vegetables. Just heat and serve!

Stonewall Kitchen Sauces


Cheese, Dutch Pastries and Dutch Candy. Schinkels’ carries a selection of pastries and cheese. We understand the need for convenience when doing your shopping. Go ahead, indulge! They are perfect for a snack or for dessert.


Schinkels specializes in the custom preparation of fresh cut meat. Most of our beef is corn fed and we carry a line of frozen, no hormone, no antibiotic beef.  Our strict quality assurance program ensures that only Canada AA and AAA beef is used.  The purity, quality and flavour of our meat is unsurpassed and unchallenged.



Choose from our selection of shrimp, scallops, lobster tails and fish. We often carry fresh Lake Erie Perch and Pickerel on weekends when available.



Schinkels’ carries many of Stonewall Kitchen’s specialty grilling sauces. They add great flavour to anything you grill, from veggies to any cut of meat. Or, try them as a dipping sauce for your next meat fondue. The best and easiest way to add a bit of “Je ne sais quoi” and other such flare to your meals is to cook with Stonewall Kitchen Sauces and Marinades.

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