As many of you are aware, we have a sign that indicates that Schinkels’ is moving. Bright lights and everything. Creates some anticipation and excitement for both staff and customers. Unfortunately, like Greg keeps telling everyone who asks, things are not moving as quickly as he would like.

But things are happening.

A couple months ago, it was discovered that the trusses weren’t quite strong enough to carry the weight of the afore-mentioned refrigeration and furnace units, so last month we had guys spend lots of time reinforcing them. I came by a couple of times, and kept finding the guys sitting around on break and eating lunch. Timing is everything, but Greg finally caught some of them actually working and snapped a couple pictures.

Now we have stronger trusses.

Then, just last week, we had the cooling units and refrigeration stuff delivered.

Needed a crane.

Yes, a crane. That’s pretty cool, I think, at least. Moving into our home didn’t need a crane.

See? now we have stuff on the roof that will work to keep the coolers cool and the rest of the store warm and cozy.

Didn’t have that a month ago.

Now, I realize that this may seem like a snail’s pace. Especially when the inside of the store hasn’t changed much. I keep going back to the store and taking pictures that look essentially the same.

But, they did rough in my new office. I mean, our new office. And it’s a fair bit bigger than the closet we are currently using, so that’s exciting, too. Moving into that new space will be nice. Maybe even fit two desks in there.

And we have done stuff like choose window coverings, and new uniforms, and re-design our logo (it’s really super cool, but you will all have to just wait for that Big Reveal), and we are currently thinking about actually calling the guy who will (hopefully) create our main sign and some window vinyls. Yes, lots of stuff is happening. Just some of it isn’t really something you can snap a picture of.

Next up,

We are planning on ripping out some of the flooring and re-pouring concrete to be level for our walk-in coolers and freezers. Once that’s done, we are pretty sure the pictures are going to be showing a lot more change on a regular basis. Equipement and counters and cash stations and all sorts of neat new things will be showing up and being installed.

Oh, yes. Exciting, it is.  And, before you know it, we will be opening our new doors to our new store and showing off our new product lines and enjoying our new freezers that don’t break down on a regular basis, causing Greg to empty them out again to the back freezer while waiting for them to defrost to jumpstart them again. Oh, the joy of anticipation.

So, anyway, until that day (hoping now for March) arrives, we will continue to serve you as best we can at our current location. So, feel free to stop in and ask, “So what’s happening at the new store?” We love to share our excitement.