Just to be clear: I’m not endorsing, or promoting any particular nutritional plan,
including any particular commercial low carb plan.
I fully believe that true health is found in balancing all things,
not only nutrition, but activities, emotions, and faith as well.
So, to be truly healthy,
everyone needs to educate and decide for themselves what will work for them,
preferably with the assistance of professionals with
a real knowledge, science and theology base behind them.

Low Carb is Everywhere

But, recently, my sister Tracy started talking about this new ketogenic diet plan she was on.
Low carb, high fat. How amazing it made her feel, how the pounds were just “falling off”,
how she didn’t crave the missing carbs.
All that stuff I’m sure all of you may have heard at your own family gatherings,
or around the staff room, or even church basements.
Wherever people tend to gather, diet is almost certain to crop up in the small talk eventually,
and low carb seems to be the current trend in my circles.

Personally, I have already been lowering my intake of “unhealthy” carbs for years,
trying to stay away from “empty” calories from processed grains and sugars when I can,
and leaning towards smaller portions of the whole grain or unprocessed varieties.
And, every time I try to get real control of my diet habits,
carbs are almost always the first thing I look at to cut back on for
periods of time to bring myself back to
healthy weights and measurements, attitudes and behaviours.

I’m actually currently already on my own mini-journey of re-assessment,
and had been looking at low carb recipes for quite some time,
so her conversation was pretty good timing to get me to look at what
she was doing and implement some of her findings into my research.

Guest Blogger

I joked with my sister that with all her new recipes,
she should write a blog post for me about one of them.
She wouldn’t go for it, saying that they were all Low-carb or No-carb.

I said, “Seriously? We run a meat market.
What goes better with a meat market than a healthy clientele of protein eaters?”

Right? Of course, right.

Today I am simply focusing on two products Schinkels’ carries that may help you in
your own health journey.



NuPasta is a product that Greg discovered through one of our distributors,
and then we were re-introduced to it at the SIAL Food Show in Toronto a couple years ago.
We even had a chance to talk to the developers and owners, so that was kind of cool.

It’s a low-calorie, high fibre, gluten free pasta that actually has 0 net carbs. Yup.

0 Net Carbs.

Knew that would catch my sister’s attention. Didn’t it, Tracy?

(Net Carbs are a term for people who are counting daily carbs.
They would take the number of carb grams and subtract the fibre grams,
giving them the “Net Carb”. That’s the real number they want to keep track of.
NuPasta has 6 grams of carbohydrates, and 6 grams of fibre,
therefore the claim of 0 Net Carbs,
which has been unheard of in a discussion of pasta until NuPasta.)

It comes from a plant called konjac that grows in Japan, Korea and China.
It is naturally high in fibre and contains very little starch.
You can check out NuPasta’s website here and get all the technical stuff and history
and it’s benefits and all that, but really, in a nutshell, it’s a wonderful replacement for
pasta or rice if you are currently lowering or changing your carb intakes.


Easy to Prepare

NuPasta is precooked and ready to serve.
Simply drain the liquid it is packaged in,
and rinse thoroughly the pasta with cold water,
then prepare it like regular cooked pasta.
Heat it with your favourite sauce and serve. It’s that simple!

If you want to save some for another day, just be sure that it is kept within a sauce,
or soak it again in water for storage.
I found out the first time, just leaving it in a plastic container didn’t work – it dried out and became “crunchy”.

Also, the first time you eat it, keep in mind that this is not a wheat product,
so don’t expect it to taste like pasta.
It has it’s own unique flavour.
It’s not a strong flavour, and tends to take on the flavour of whatever sauce you serve it with.
Everyone that I have served it up to have agreed with me that it is a great option to traditional wheat pasta.

Schinkels’ carries Fettuccine, Spaghetti, and Angel Hair.
If you don’t see it, ask for it.
Usually, it’s on the shelf in front of the Schinkels’ Stir-fry.


Speaking of which. Hmmm.

How’s this for a meal plan:

Schinkels’ Stir-fry Vegetables prepared with Schinkels’ Stir-Fry Chicken served over some hot nuPasta.

Thinking that would be delicious tonight.

La Tortilla Factory


We also carry a line of high fibre tortilla soft wraps from La Tortilla Factory.
At first glance, these look like any other whole grain tortilla out there,
but when you look closer, you can see the biggest difference.


14 g of fibre.

I personally haven’t ever seen that fibre count on any other wrap out there.


When you take the 21g of carbohydrates, and consider that 14 g of those are fibre,
you are looking at a 7g net carb wrap.
Perfect for a low carb diet, when you just really can’t think about using lettuce for even one more taco.
Although, I did see some taco shells made out of cheese on Pinterest that I might try.
But this is easy, and so very good for you.

Dinner idea: Chicken Enchiladas new recipe on our Chicken Recipe page.