I’m pretty sure, in the world of Google Search and SEO’s and Key Words, I just creating a hit-winning blog, simply by calling it “Gluten Free”. Yes, Gluten Free is a big deal nowadays. Whether you are gluten intolerant, allergic, sensitive, or following a specific diet to loose weight, or as an elimination process, “Gluten Free” are becoming key words for many when choosing their groceries.

Fresh Meat = Gluten Free

Schinkels’ Meat Market, by default, tends to have a huge number of gluten free items in the fresh counter (hint – raw meat = gluten free). Many of our recipes on our website are gluten-free and delicious, or can be easily modified to be so (rice instead of noodles) as they usually start with fresh, unprocessed ingredients. But we also have a huge selection of deli and convenience foods designed to make your dinner prep easier. We have strived to keep in mind that many of our customers are limited in choices because of a gluten free lifestyle.

Schinkels’ Legacy = Gluten Free

Schinkels’ Legacy Products are always gluten free. (and MSG and dairy free, as well, for that matter). That means that our Schinkel Legacy hot dogs, smoked sausages, deli meats, hams, and other specialty items that are all produced at the Schinkels’ Legacy production plant in Chatham are all completely A-OK for the gluten free customer. Including our Schinkels’ Legacy Bacon.

mmm…. bacon.


A number of our deli salads use gluten-free ingredients. We’ve got 3 Bean, Coleslaw and Broccoli Salad ready in the counter for you. Or you could try our new Chicken Salad, a fresh new take for wraps, pitas, or just with a fork. Our Shepherd’s Pie, Pulled Pork and Quinoa Salad are also ready made and have no wheat products.

Made Fresh in Store = We can go Gluten-Free on Demand

While some of our specialty fresh and ready items (Cordon Bleu & Schnitzel, for instance) use a crumb breading, we also have the ability to prepare some crumb free. You can cook it like that, or add your own favourite gluten free crumb at home. It’s best to call ahead for this option, though. Depending on where we are in the daily production of those items, we may need some time to get it ready for you. 

In our centre isles, you will find a number of different bread options from Schär Bakery. We carry their Artisan Baker Bread and 12 grain Bread. Their hot dog and hamburger buns, and their Chocolate Honeygrahams are quickly becoming favourites.

Schär Bakery Gluten Free

We feature Hearty Meals soups – an entire line of delicious bean and legume soups that are certified gluten free. As well, we have a number of snacking crackers that will go amazing with our cheeses. And, yes, you guessed it, for the most part, also gluten free. It is still best to check ingredient lists as sometimes there is gluten added to certain varieties.

If you have recipe adjustments or product line suggestions, please, talk to us. I’m always amazed at the lengths our staff will go to to make your meal prep easier and worry free. We love to interact with our customers and find out what will best serve their needs in our community.