Valentine’s Day often brings with it expectations. One of the biggest expectation is a nice dinner out at a fancy restaurant. and, sadly, that can often be the biggest let down, as well. The last time Greg and I went out for dinner on Feb. 14th was many many years ago. And we were so disappointed in the whole event that we decided to never do it again. 

The reasons?

Our Restaurant (one of our favourites) was over crowded – they had extra tables squeezed in to accommodate the extra customers. When I was sat at the narrow table (not much wider than my chair) squeezed in between the two regular sized tables, I was so close to my neighbour, I bumped elbows a couple times through the meal. The staff couldn’t even walk in between the tables, so they were forced to pass dishes over and across us.

Next  – the menu had been simplified and minimized. The meal I had be anticipating wasn’t available, and I had to make do with one of four options/combinations they had determined they would offer that night. And the cost was actually more than what we would have paid on a regular night of the week.

Finally – the nail in the decision was that after being rushed through the courses, the staff were literally hovering by the table with the cleaning bins as we were having our coffee. One of them politely mentioned that they needed to clean up the tables to get ready for the next round of guests at 8:00 and would we mind moving to the bar to finish up? 

Now, I’m not a restaurant snob by any means, and I completely understand the restaurant’s wanting to serve all the many people who choose to eat out that night. And, to be honest, the food was really good and the staff were really nice. 

However, the few times I do go out, I don’t like being crowded or rushed. I want to enjoy the company of my loved one, and savour the time spent with him over a nice dinner. so for many years we would go out for Valentine’s the week after, or the week before, and eventually, not at all. Now, if we want to treat ourselves, we just plan and cook a nice dinner at home.

That’s also the reasoning behind our new endeavour – The Whole Kit & Caboodle. 

We recognize that some of our discerning customers want to have a quality dinner, with minimal fuss and bother, without going out and spending a fortune.

We have put together my absolutely favourite meal, with all the trimmings and got it all ready for you. All you have to do is cook the steaks, heat everything else, and enjoy in the peaceful surroundings of your own home. (If you have kids, it’s probably best to see if Grandma can babysit, or put them to bed early or you might not get the Peaceful part)

February’s Kit and Caboodle is a Complete Valentines’ dinner

You choose between New York Medallions, 8 oz New Yorks, or 8 oz Tenderloins. Then we put them together with two twice baked potatoes, two asparagus bundles wrapped in provolone and prosciutto, some stuffed mushrooms, caesar salad and some decadent dessert, all in a box and ready to go. 

We also include a timing chart to help you get everything on to the table hot and delicious. (we are talking Easy, here)

To order, simply call the store and let one of our helpful staff know your kit preference and the date you want to pick it up. I know not everyone can arrange to have Feb. 14 off, so we are just going to have these boxes available all month long.