Yes, it’s that time again.
I’m starting to see the yellow, fuzzy stuffed animals at every checkout,
and Cadbury’s got their eggs everywhere I turn,
so that must mean
it’s time to order your Easter Hams from Schinkels’ Meat Market.


Once again, after talking to other people and their experiences with other stores’ versions
of the Easter Ham, I’m realizing how blessed I was to run into this guy Greg at a
youth retreat many years ago.  It’s never crossed my mind that buying a ham could be
so stressful.

I read the customer service reviews from a couple
well-known and established companies online,
and felt really bad for families who don’t live near Schinkels’ Meat Market.
Ice-crystals, water-down, too salty, tasted like rubber, or way too expensive.
Those are just a few of the complaints noted.
And then there were the stories about the mail-order hams
(I seriously had no idea that people are willing to pay more than
$10/lb + shipping to have a ham mailed to them!)
and the problems with late or no delivery and customers uncertain about
proper food handling procedures during the shipping.

Every year, our only problem is deciding which ham to use.

Football Hams

 They’ve got a bone in them, but they are nicely marbled for a super-juicy baked ham


Black Forest Hams

You can even get them to pre-slice it for your meal,
or ask for 3 or 4 ham steaks if you aren’t feeding a huge crowd


Honey Glazed Spiral Sliced Hams

Again, there is a bone in them, but the staff at Schinkels’ Legacy have cut slices around the bone,
so that after you’ve baked the ham, its much easier to serve up.
The slices practically fall off the bone themselves, with just a bit of guidance from the chef.
And the glaze works it’s way into the ham as it cooks,
leaving every bite sweet and delicious.


Then, the crème de la crème of hams :

Schinkels’ Boneless, Pre-sliced Honey Glazed Hams

Truly our favourite at special family occasions.
Our own honey glaze, but no bone.
It’s a Black Forest Ham that is pre-sliced and ready to just heat through and serve.
And when they are featured at only $6.49/lb,
I’m really not sure why someone might want to pay so much more anywhere else.

IMG_0970 2

I visited Jacqueline today at the Store, and
she gave me the run-down on the
Boneless Pre-sliced Honey Glazed Ham situation at Schinkels’.

They first slice a Black Forest Ham, and then they bind it back up again.

IMG_0958  IMG_0963

Next, pineapples and cherries are added to the top of each ham.

Jacqueline then dips the whole thing into the honey glaze,
and lets them sit a few minutes to set, then repeats that 3 times.


Hams are set on some racks to drip, and look just about good enough to eat.


Who am I kidding? Of course they are good enough to eat – that’s why
you need to order these ahead of time.
They pretty much fly out of the store as quickly as Jacqueline can make them.

Don’t be stuck on April 21 with no ham!
Call Schinkels’ today and reserve yours today!


click here for a short video of Jacqueline working hard on your ham