So, based on the title of this month’s blog, I know some of you may be thinking that Greg finally won a bet, and now we are having dinner at Jacqueline’s. 

Nope, that ‘s not it. This time, at least. She did, in fact, loose a bet a few weeks ago, and promised to make us dinner on the next available night all four of us are not otherwise engaged, however, that has proved to be a challenge. And, yes, I will explain more about that bet and the dinner she serves when that time comes. 

For now, this is a blog about Mom and Dad Schinkels’ 57th Anniversary Dinner that we enjoyed last Saturday at Jacqueline and Richard’s home.

The first thing that may cross the minds of anyone who knows our family is,
“Wait. Don’t you always go out for dinner at some local fine dining establishment for Mom and Dad’s Anniversaries?”
Yes, that is true. I’ve been hanging around with these Schinkels for more than 20 years now, and every year, we do go out somewhere fancy. And it’s usually a very nice evening out. 

Problem is, as certain people, who shall remain unnamed, have aged, we are discovering that those certain persons do not actually enjoy an evening at a restaurant. They find themselves sitting across tables from their loved ones and they are hardly able to hear anyone, due to the background noise and music and conversations all around. 

And, before you jump to conclusions, it’s not just Mom and Dad Schinkel we are talking about. They were just super polite all these years and didn’t mention it. Its the next generation that are realizing that their hearing isn’t all that it used to be. 

So, Jacqueline had this


Yes, it needed capitals, it was that good. 

She knows this guy and his wife

And they came to her house and prepared an absolutely fabulous meal for our family in her kitchen, served it up to us,


(Yes, that needed capitals, too, I was that excited)

You may recognize these lovely people as Ryan and Kristi Simpson. Ryan is owner/chef at the Deluxe, so anyone who eats there is already familiar with his cooking genius in the short-order world. But, what you might not know is that Ryan is a fair bit of a gourmet chef extraordinaire.

Let me go over the menu he prepared for our family last week. 

First up: Salad. 

Mixed greens, strawberries, dried blueberries, candied almonds, blue cheese and Ryan’s own raspberry vinaigrette.

Sigh. It was yummy. 

Second appetizer (second appetizer!! (giggle!) : Cold Caesar Soup

Caesar, as in the drink, not creamy salad dressing, just FYI. Yup. there’s vodka in there. I had never had a cold soup before. Didn’t realize that it was actually a thing outside of TV world, but apparently it is, and it is good

Ok, Main Course. 

Ryan took some Schinkels’ Beef Tenderloins and wrapped them in Bacon….

Grilled them according to individual preferences

and then “plated” them with grilled peppers and asparagus (they were still tender crisp, just perfect!) and served it all over a wild mushroom risotto. 


This picture can’t even begin to describe how good this was. Maybe this picture can give you a better clue:

That was my last two bites of succulent, melt in my mouth, tenderloin. My third last bite was stolen by Greg when I wasn’t looking. I gave him “the look”, but he wasn’t affected too much. 

Dessert: Creme Brûlée

(I’m not sure, but Ryan might have figured out that Creme Brûlée is my favouritest dessert ever because of my excited squeal when I found out)

Ok, so final answer –

Absolutely, YES,

This was a great idea

and all of us agreed that we will be using Ryan’s services again. For less than the cost of a fine dining diner at a nice restaurant for 8 adults, we enjoyed the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of home while still having a quality dining experience. 

And they did all the dishes!!!