So, this guy came to see Greg this week. Left some stuff to try.
Happens all the time, actually. Greg will mention it at dinner if it’s something
very unique or interesting,
or weeks later if it takes off and becomes super popular.
This time, it happened to be someone from Bubi’s Awesome Eats, a restaurant in Windsor.
And this time, this someone left some of Bubi’s Garlic Sauce and Bubi’s Spicy Garlic Sauce.


Thing is, this time, I noticed it in the counter when I stopped in today, and brought some home.

Bubi’s Awesome Eats

I’ve lived in Essex for about 22 years now, and sadly,
don’t get out much.
I hadn’t heard of Bubi’s Awesome Eats, mainly because Greg and I don’t actually eat out often.
Our date nights usually consist of using whatever gift cards we received as gifts at
Christmas from his staff to get out sometime around our anniversary,
or maybe close to a birthday.
We usually only take our kids out if we are on the road in between camping sites.
If we do actually go out with friends, it tends to be Essex eateries,
as we firmly believe in supporting our local businesses when we can. 

But, according to the reaction from Bubi’s Facebook announcement that
Schinkels’ will be carrying Bubi’s sauce, it would seem that Bubi’s is a thing for Windsorites. 

Responsible Blogging

So, like the good blogger, experimental chef and business owner I am,
I decided to do some hands-on research and try this sauce out.
Bubi’s Facebook page nicely gave me some recipes and ideas to try out.
I decided on the two that I could manage with my current ingredients in my kitchen. 

The first was their suggestion to simply add “a heaping dollop” of their
Bubi’s Garlic Sauce to any existing pasta sauce to create a garlic-y blush sauce.
I happened to have some left over sausage pasta sauce from dinner the other night,
so I dolloped away and the results were my lunch today. 

Left-over Sausage Pasta Sauce

Dollop of Bubi’s Garlic Sauce

Stir and heat the blush sauce

Serve over NuPasta

Seriously enjoyed lunch


Ok, so that was good.
Bubi’s recipe idea page said “Yummm-er-oohny!”
Not exactly my words, but close enough to my
“Oh. My. Word!”

Zesty Garlic Pita Chips

Next, I thought I’d try their Bubi’s Zesty Garlic Pita Chips.
I read the instructions: Split a pita in 2 big circles and spread with sauce.

I’m an old hand at baking pita chips, so my trick at this point was to lightly spray both sides of the pitas with an spray oil.
Experience has taught me that that will make a crispier chip.
Of course, it does take a tiny bit away from the “healthy” of making pita chips,
but since I’m a firm believer in balance and portions and making informed decisions on snacking,
I actually make pita chips simply because I like them, not because they are a cheat for chips.

So, I spray.

Anyway, I did one side with the Garlic Sauce and one with the Spicy Garlic Sauce.
And, because I am always the experimental rebel,
and a little Dutch,
I sprinkled a bit of Sea Salt over top. 

Next, slice into pieces and bake at 275°F until golden and crisp. 
Ok. So, my intention was,


that I was going to serve these up with dinner and see what the animals,
I mean, my children and Greg thought about them. 
I made the obvious companion for Friday night salsa and nachos – Taco in a Pan
and fully intended to serve them together.
Problem was, when they came out of the oven
(actually, a little bit before, too),
the aroma of roasting garlic was overwhelming and turned my best intentions into wishful thinking.
And then, as I was setting it out all pretty on the serving tray,
and trying to decide whether I should serve them with more Bubi’s Garlic Sauce or my own salsa,
I had two pieces that just wouldn’t fit,
so I had to
quickly and quietly
eat them so it would be symmetrical.
At that point

reason and logic

took over.
I mean, it was really, just one pita.
I couldn’t possibly be expected to share one little pita?
And I only had a tiny little bit of salsa left in the fridge.
It would be mean to give everyone just a taste of this and then say “Sorry, there’s no more”.

Right? Of course, right!

I ate them.
By myself. 
And then had to make another batch to serve with dinner.