So, the big day has arrived.

The day Sterling has been waiting for.

The day he can use his scooter in the new store.

 Yup. He has always had very high ambitions.

But, seriously, it was a big day for the Schinkel family.
After a wonderful Easter Service, and then coffee with the extended family,
we went over to the new store at 24 Talbot St. N. and Greg opened it up.

So this is our family in the, soon to be, new home of Schinkels’ Meat Market,
opening the windows for all to see. 

This journey began about 8 years ago when we purchased the building from the Burstyn’s.
We have been very thankful to have inherited a great tenant, Essex Party and Discount,
from the Burstyn’s and are sad to see that business close.
We wish the best to Brian, Sally and all their staff.

We are thankful and appreciate all the excitement and
inquiries we had from so many people.
Let us answer some of your questions about our plans.

The primary reason we sought a new location was for a parking lot.
We have always felt a parking lot was needed in order for us to grow.
So you, our customers, can enjoy easier parking and make shopping with us more convenient.
We know that mobility is a concern for many of our customers and
have always made that a priority when searching for a new location.

Bigger Store, Big Ideas

Our new store will have almost 3 times the square footage of our current store,
and that means more room for some new products.

We plan to grow our cooked prepared meals,
ready to cook meal ideas and also have hot take-out foods.
We know our customers have busy lives and
want to make supper time as easy as possible,
so you can enjoy more time with your families.

Take out lunch options are also on our wish list,
with freshly made sandwiches, salads, soups
and hot drinks ready for you to take on the go.

Our freezer section will grow in size and selection,
and we will have aisles wide enough for shopping carts.
Our staff are thrilled that we will be increasing the size of our work and storage areas.

When we take these plans and consider all the other hopes we have for our new store,

(that I can’t share just yet, but most certainly will,)

the extra space is quickly used up,
and we feel that many of our ideas will be a perfect fit for the Essex area.

One question that has been asked is

“How long we will be closed while transitioning to the new store?”

We expect that to be a very short time, only a few days.
All of our refrigeration equipment will be replaced with new
and the old will not move with us, so that will be a huge time saver.
Some of our current coolers and freezers are quite old and
we were actually looking at replacing some of them before we purchased the new building.
So you will see all new, more energy efficient, meat cases in our new location with brighter lighting.
With some creative planning in purchasing, staffing, and inventory controls,
we hope to minimize the actual “move days” so that service to you will be minimally affected. 


And when do we expect that to be?

That is the burning question that has left us very frustrated over the past few months.
When we first started concrete planning in 2016,
we wanted to hit the ground running April 1 and hoped we would be ready for early fall, 2018.
That is not the way things are falling into place.
We have ordered all the equipment and drawn a floor plan.
We know what we want to do, and have so many ideas on products and services to offer you.
For months, we have been dreaming and planning and consulting.

But now we are stalled waiting for blueprints.

Once we have the blueprints then we can get quotes from contractors.
Then we can start coordinating dates and work schedules
and start to realize some of these plans.
Patience is certainly being taught through this experience. 

Since there has been little movement in the blueprint department,
we have decided to lease the building for two months to
Elections Ontario for the Provincial election and
will be hoping to start our renovations at the beginning July.
The renovations will be quite extensive and will take a number of months.

We decided long ago that we would not open during
or right before the busy Christmas season.
If we would not be ready for opening by mid-October,
then we would wait till after Christmas.
And that is where we are aiming for at this point –

January 2019 for a “soft opening” and a
Grand Opening a few months later,
once we have everything ironed out and
new staff are fully trained and ready to serve you
the Schinkel Way. 

Thank you for all your questions and well wishes.
We will keep you posted while the renovations are going on.

And the curtains will remain open at 24 Talbot St. N.
so you can watch and dream along with our family.