From Greg Schinkel

Schinkels’ Meat Market


The rumours could be true, depending on which ones you are listening to. So let me set the record straight.


Schinkels’ Meat Market is moving!!

About 8 years ago we purchased the building at 24 Talbot St., which you would know as The Essex Party & Discount Store.  At that time we felt that our growth potential was limited because we did not have a parking lot. We have proven ourselves wrong, we have grown and now need more elbow room.


A different location was explored first but was quickly abandoned when it was discovered the landlord had a ‘no competition clause’ with another tenant in the same plaza. The 24 Talbot St. location was then chosen as our best available option although it had the finance issues of owning over renting. Purchasing during the great recession was an even greater challenge, but thanks to the Burstyn’s for believing in us, they financed the sale of their building.


As landlords, we were blessed to inherit wonderful tenants. Brian & Sally have built a great business with an extensive selection of products and wonderful, friendly staff. After 8 years Schinkels’ decided the time was right for the move. Brian’s request to extend the lease was denied. We regretfully knew this would mean the end of The Essex Party & Discount. Our town will miss them very much. We do wish the best to Brian & Sally, who plan to enjoy their retirement. We also have agreed to Brian’s request give the Essex Party Discount staff preferential treatment when hiring at the new Schinkels’ Meat Market.


So you want to know when this will all happen?

The Essex Party Discount lease will run out March 31, 2018. At that point, the building will need extensive renovations before Schinkels’ can move it. We will keep you informed of our progress, but hope for an early fall 2018 opening date.